Tim Gunther

Last year prior to Covid, I lost close to 90lbs just utilizing LIVE, ZING, Alkaline water & Rejuv. That worked pretty well then, but also I lost my mom & my diet spiraled totally out of control then I gained every pound back.

My focus since has been to fundamentally change my eating habits into healthy ones forward into my future. It’s my forever mental note. With moderate exercise, 40 pounds in a 2 month turnaround is worth taking note of for sure! However, the BEST is yet to come as I intend to keep going on this journey as I already am experiencing greater energy & a healthy momentum!

This JuuvaFIT Challenge has taught me that age is only a number. As you progress & realize your healthy improvements your dreams expand, then so does your bucket list! Through JuuvaFIT, the sky is truly the limit!

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